Why You Should Join the Joliet Y JETS Swim Team

WenLi, a fourth-grader/member of the Joliet Y JETS Swim Team, wrote a persuasive paper about why her peers should join the JETS. Check it out!

Hey! I would like you to join the Joliet JETS swim team. People on my team have more fun in life. If you joined my team, you could get out and get active, have more fun and be healthy.

The first thing you can do on my swim team is get out and get active. It is fun, you should try it. Why should you join a swim team? Well, the coaches try to encourage you and help you. They are nice to you too! Swimming is better than school, and sitting at home doing nothing. Join my swim team!

The next reason to join the swim team is to have fun, and have a good time. You should have fun in life, don’t be stuck in boring school! Have fun on the JETS and be yourself. We won’t care, you are who you are and we respect that. Don’t be stuck at home doing nothing when you can have so much fun on the JETS. We have fun in swim because people encourage us but in school you just do work and more work. We have free time to play in the pool and out of the pool. It’s fun! Don’t you want to do all of that fun stuff?

Last but not least, if you join the swim team, you will be healthy. You will be strong and have fun doing it! No more treadmill to be healthy, you just have to swim and have fun. Work your body, move your body, get strong, and get healthy. You will feel better, and your body will feel better too! Just join the Joliet JETS. It’s good for you!

Obviously, joining the swim team is an excellent choice. It’s fun and exciting. When you join the swim team, remember you can get out and get active, have fun, and stay healthy. As the JETS say, “Change is the dawn of improvement.”

The JETS 2014 Fall Swim Clinic will be held September 8-13. The clinic is an opportunity for swimmers to meet some of the coaches and try out the team to see if they would like to join. The coaches work on basic technique drills and provide instruction throughout the week as they evaluate where each swimmer will be placed if they decide to join. For more information, click here.

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