Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Macris

From right to left: Nick Macris, Sue Lee and Chris Parker

Nick Macris, a proud Illini alum, veteran of the U.S. Army and 22-year employee of ComEd, is one the Y’s most enthusiast supporters and volunteers. Not only is he a YMCA Metro Board Member, Nick is also a co-chair of the Y’s Annual Campaign and a member of the Giving Gala Planning Committee. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Nick about a number of different topics. Check out the highlights below:

On his hometown of Joliet
I was born and raised in Joliet. I’ve lived here all my life, except during my time in the army and my time away at school. Joliet is near and dear to my heart. It’s a very welcoming, warm community. Despite its size it’s very much, in some senses, like a small town.

His background
I am a loyal Illini. I bleed orange and blue. I left there with a master’s degree in architecture and half of an MBA. I wasn’t able to stay the seventh year, if you will. I had the army calling. I spent four years on active duty in the army and 16 years in the reserves. Between that and my 22 years at ComEd, that’s afforded me a lot of life lessons, learning experiences and opportunities to employ leadership skills. It’s been a great life.

His relationship with the Y
A lot of people on the board and on the staff have Y stories they like to share. I actually came to the board with no Y story, other than bringing my daughter, Maria, who is now 31, over here for little kiddie swimming classes. That was my brief and minimal exposure to the Y.

Of all my volunteer activities, and there are many, and they’re wonderful, I get a great deal of joy out of my association with the Y. I am really happy that I’ve had the opportunity to develop some Y stories as a result of being on the Metro Board and some of the other things I’ve done for the Y.
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