All Smiles at Summer Day Camp

IMG_9938Smiles are wider—and shinier—than ever at YMCA summer day camp this week. Thanks to the folks with Will County Community Health Services, campers at the Smith and Central City YMCAs received free dental service on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The county’s dental van, which resembles that of a tour bus, took temporary real estate at our camps, providing teeth cleanings for 26 Smith campers and 16 Central City campers.

Inside the dental bus, it felt just like a normal dentist office—perhaps even less intimidating. When you walked through the door, there was a small waiting area with a TV on the wall. To the left, there were two dental chairs complete with all the usual tools and accessories needed to provide a thorough cleaning.

The dental staff was both patient and friendly. We are very grateful our campers were given such an excellent opportunity!

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