What is Nia?

“What is Nia?”—That’s the million-dollar question, says licensed Nia instructor Kendra Dicker-Deutsch. Is it a dance class? A martial arts program? Well, according to Kendra, it’s both. In fact, Nia even draws inspiration from yoga. Nia, which is now offered at the C.W. Avery Family YMCA, is perfect for those looking for a change of pace, but still want to focus on cardio, strength and meditation. Learn all about Nia in our Q&A with Kendra below:

How would you describe Nia to someone who has never heard of it?
Nia is a fusion-based fitness class that combines the fun of dancing and expression, the power and intensity of martial arts and the meditative feeling of yoga.

To what ages would you recommend this program?
I think it’s great for any age. I found it in my late 20’s. Nia is perfect for anyone who is looking for a cardio workout that is fun, gentle and healing for the joints.

What kind of movements do you do?
We have so many routines that have their own flavor and feature their own style of music. Nia is based in seven cycles. We work to get your body moving as to how it was designed, usually focusing on a body part or a sound.

What else should be our readers know about Nia?
It’s a time to connect with yourself. Nia blends so many things into one class—cardio, meditation and strengthening. Each hour hosts a variety of expressive movements. We don’t simply jump into high intensity. We take time to warm up the joints so that the body is ready to go and ready to move.

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