My Y Memory: Michele Brown

IMG_7525In this photo, I was probably about eight-years-old, and my brother was about six. My mom signed us up for a week of day camp (like Galowich’s), where you went every day for a week. Our camp was at an actual campsite, though. We were bused from a local grade school to the campsite each day. I remember playing a lot of outdoor games, especially capture the flag. I was pretty little, so I remember being disappointed that I was captured so early in the game.

I vividly remember making a plaster of paris casts of animal footprints in the ground. I made a deer print casting. It was one of my favorite things I did that week. On the last night, we had an overnight, complete with campfire, stories, songs and s’mores.  I remember feeling very grown-up and independent when I walked around the campsite in the dark with my flashlight. I’ve always loved campfires, and I’m sure it started with that first one. My brother and I only went that one week, but I never forgot it.

I’ve sent all three of my girls to a sleep-away camp when they were younger. In two weeks, my youngest child, my 12-year-old son Josh, is going to YMCA Camp Benson for the second time. He had a great experience last year, and this year he’s old enough to do a few more things he couldn’t do last year. I hope to continue to send him in the years to come.

Michele Brown is the Membership Director for the Galowich and Smith Family YMCAs.

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