Fun Never Retires


efEmbracing a healthy lifestyle through fun, laughter and friends

Join us for Enhance®Fitness, a proven senior fitness and arthritis management program that improves your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. It reduces your arthritis symptoms with safe, low impact exercises led by certified instructors in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes fun, laughter, friendship and smiles.

Enhance®Fitness has been recognized by the CDC and other national organizations committed to improving the health of older adults.

Of all Enhance®Fitness’ multiple benefits though, the one that matters most is that it’s a great time.

So if you’re an older adult, lift your body and your spirits—experience Enhance®Fitness for yourself!

Enhance®Fitness is free for Full Members. YMCA Program Members and Community Members with a doctor’s referral are invited to register for their first session of Enhance®Fitness for free as well.

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To learn more, please contact your local branch.

C.W. Avery Family YMCA
Susan Krause
[email protected]
(815) 267-8600, ext. 214

Galowich Family YMCA
(815) 744-3939

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