Volunteer Week, Spotlight #1

Troy Cicero, a volunteer coach, tells his Y story

tc-webI first connected with the Y growing up in Hartford, Conn. My parents trusted me in the Y environment to go there after school, while they both worked. I learned to swim, play basketball and develop many other facets of character and sportsmanship. I loved it.

Here in Joliet, I got involved with the Y after being asked by [Smith Family YMCA Executive Director] Maurice Fears to speak at a banquet. The staff have been great to work with, so I decided to coach and sponsor my son’s Youth Basketball Team. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and actually made me wish I would have started much earlier.

I love the game of basketball and I love working with youth. I was brought to tears of joy when we beat the #1 team in the playoffs and I cried tears of sadness when we lost in the final championship game. I connect with my own youthful spirit, as well as with the journey of the youth I am privileged to teach and lead. I believe we all need a healthy balance, and vulnerability, with our intellect and emotions. I enjoy being a leader and inspiring our collective potential and responsibility to create a world of peace and love.

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