Member Spotlight: David Brongiel

Editor’s Note: David Brongiel is an active member of the C.W. Avery Family YMCA. With the help of his caregivers, David uses the Y for rehabilitation. This is his story, as told to us by his parents.

David suffered a traumatic brain injury after he was t-boned by a semi-truck. It affected his speech and his right side was paralyzed. He was in a coma for three weeks. Doctors initially said he wouldn’t make it home.

A therapist told us to get him the best exercise and equipment. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough space at home for big equipment. So, we looked at fitness centers in the area. Something was missing.

A relative had been a member of the C.W. Avery Family YMCA for many years. He introduced us to Eileen in Membership, who gave us a very informative tour. Talking to her made it feel right.

It’s more than the exercise at the Y. It’s the atmosphere, the cleanliness, the friendly staff. That’s what was missing from the other fitness centers.

Since coming to the Y, David’s speech has improved. The movement in his right arm continues to increase. His vision is back to 20/20. Many staff members know him by name. They say hello each and every time.

We’ve made many friends here. One member made a donation to the Annual Campaign and received a T-shirt. He gave it to David and told him he was an inspiration.

Everyone has a Y story, a way in which the YMCA has impacted your life. Believe it or not, your story has the power to inspire hundreds—if not thousands—of members to follow in your footsteps. To submit a Y story of your own, click here.

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