Hometown Heroes: Madi and Nate Hock


Over the summer, brother-sister duo Nate and Madi Hock teamed up to run a lemonade stand. First, they whipped up a beautiful batch of the beverage, one that could quench the mightiest of thirsts on a hot day. Next, they concocted a business plan. For a quarter, you’d get a cup of old-fashioned lemonade. For fifty cents, a world-class slushy.

Their enterprise was inevitably a hit. In the end, Madi and Nate earned $72—all of which they chose to donate to their favorite local organization, the Morris Community YMCA. Because of their selfless act, people throughout Grundy County will have more opportunities to experience what the Y has to offer.

Madi and Nate frequently participate in YMCA programs, specifically sports-related ones. It was a joy having them both in various camps this past summer. Madi served up aces at Tennis Camp and Nate reeled ’em in during Fishing Camp.

The future is bright for these two. We’re sure of it.

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