Erik’s Transformative Journey

eriksIn less than two years, Erik Schelling has lost upwards of 150 pounds. Amazingly, he hasn’t lost a single ounce of commitment. Now a fitness enthusiast, Erik visits the Galowich Family YMCA up to six times a week. What’s his secret?

“A good old fashioned desire to keep going,” he says. “Stick-to-itiveness.”

Erik typically gets to the Y at 5 a.m., sometimes earlier. When the doors open, he’s one of the first people in. At that hour, the Y is fairly quiet, occupied only by a handful of early risers, or fellow “five-o’clockers,” as Erik calls them.

“There are usually a couple of us standing around waiting for [staff member] Layne to open the doors,” he said. “I see some of them every day, and if they don’t see you working out one day, they’ll ask, ‘Where were you yesterday?’ It’s an informal accountability. It’s fun.”

On most days, Erik hits the wellness center for an hour or so, where he focuses on strength training and cardio. On other days, he’ll jump in for a session of AM Boot Camp.

As of late, his focus has shifted from weight loss to weight maintenance. In fact, he plans to add some weight back on—this time in the form of lean muscle. Once he does that, he says, he’ll start preparing for his next challenge: Completing a half-marathon.

“It’s nice to be able to continue to see where I can take it,” Erik said. “If I stop where I’m at and I maintain this level, I’m cool with that. If I take it a little further, which I plan to do, that will be great too.”

Many years ago, well before his weight loss journey began, Erik became a member of the Galowich Family YMCA Advisory Council. As a volunteer, he has been instrumental to the Y’s mission. Now—not only does Erik help spread the Y’s mission—he lives it.

Erik’s story will be featured in our 2016 Winter/Spring Program Guide, which is now available online.

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