Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

jf-webEnhance®Fitness—a free exercise program for seniors—entered Jane Ferguson’s life at the perfect time. Prior to enrolling in the class, Jane battled issues related to arthritis. But thanks to Enhance®Fitness, those problems are no longer a concern! In fact, at age 74, Jane’s health is flourishing! You can read Jane’s story in her own words below:

When I received an email from the Y announcing a new program for seniors called Enhance®Fitness, I was intrigued. The description said it would incorporate aerobics, strength training, balance and flexibility exercises. It seemed as though they had developed a program that fit my needs perfectly.

Before starting the class, I had been experiencing some balance issues that had resulted in me falling several times. The arthritis that had settled in my knees and ankles was making it increasingly difficult to get around. I looked forward to making a change in my routine and developing some strength in my legs to help keep me a little more stable.

The certified instructors for the classes are wonderful. They choose upbeat music, have smiles on their faces and encourage us as we progress. They are interested in each person in the class and strive to make relationships with everyone. They often offer additional tips that we can use outside of class. They even provide tours of the weight room and guidance as to which machines will help us continue building on our progress. Even though we are working, we are all having a lot of fun, too! We support each other and laugh a lot.

As the weeks passed, I noticed several changes. I had more energy, my balance was improving and I was becoming more flexible with increased range of motion. My arms and legs were getting stronger and everyday tasks were becoming easier. I feel truly blessed to have a place like the YMCA to go to have fun and stay active while being supported by a staff that cares, encourages us and motivates us to keep working hard and try new things!

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