Around the World in 90 Days

Fitness Challenge

Starting January 22

Lace your kicks up tight because it’s time for a fitness expedition unlike any other: The Y’s Around the World in 90 Days Fitness Challenge. This 90-day program will challenge you to complete various exercises throughout the YMCA and earn enough miles to travel around the globe along the way.

Participants will log each of their workouts using a tracking sheet and rack up miles for each minute completed. The goal of the challenge is to complete a total of 24,901 miles, or approximately 1,915 miles per week. The longer you exercise, the more miles you will travel! Hint: If you plan accordingly, you can reach the goal by exercising between 3 and 3.5 hours per week.


  • Wellness Center – Earn 5 Miles Per Minute
    • i.e. 30 Minutes on Treadmill = 150 Miles
  • Track or Pool – Earn 10 Miles Per Minute
    • i.e. 25 Minutes of Swimming = 250 Miles
  • Group Fitness Classes – Earn 10 Miles Per Minute
    • i.e. 30 Minute Class = 300 Miles

Prizes will be awarded to the individual who finishes first and the individual that completes the most miles. All finishers will receive the T-shirt pictured and be entered into a drawing for additional prizes.

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