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Our 100-Mile Swim Challenge is the ultimate test for all swimmers, beginner or advanced.

How It Works
Each time you go for a swim, record your distance on your official tracking card. When you hit a milestone mark (e.g. 10 miles, 20 miles, and 50 miles), you’ll get a gift! All participants must submit their tracking cards by December 31.

Rewards System

  • 10 miles: Your photo goes on the challenge board, plus you get one raffle ticket
  • 20 miles: FREE stroke analysis and video session, plus one raffle ticket
  • 50 miles: “Half-Way to the Finish Photo,” plus one raffle ticket
  • 76 miles: “I Swam to Chicago and Back” T-shirt, plus one raffle ticket 100 miles
  • 100 miles: 100-Mile Swim Challenge swim cap, completion certificate, plus one raffle ticket

Cost: $35 for Full Members only

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