Your Journey Starts Here

Congratulations on taking the first step along the path to a healthy and active lifestyle!

We're glad to welcome you to our Y family, and we encourage you to jump right in and begin using our facilities and programs to learn more about what the Y can do for you.nTo get started, please begin by reviewing the waivers below. Please click on each link and indicate that you understand and accept the terms and conditions by checking each box:
  • Membership Agreement:

    For myself, and the other individuals listed on this Membership Application (if any), and my/our respective heirs, executors, and administrators, it is agreed as follows:

    • I/We hereby make application to be enrolled as a member of the Greater Joliet Area YMCA and to cooperate with others in the accomplishment of the YMCA’s accepted purpose.
    • I/We recognize the fact that membership embraces all types of members and involves identification with a world-wide fellowship.
    • I/We give my permission to the YMCA to use all photos, videos, voice, and images taken of me/us both in print and on the internet for the purposes of promoting YMCA programs and services. This may be done by the YMCA or an outside group that the YMCA has agreed to work with in the publicity of their programs.
    • I/We understand the YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.
    • I/We specifically assume all risks of injury arising out of my/our presence on or about the premises, or my/our use of or intended use of equipment or facilities, or my/our participation in the activities of the YMCA (an Illinois chartered not-for-profit corporation) on or about the premises or at another location.
    • I/We waive, release, and forever agree to hold free from all claims for liability or damages arising out of, or in connection with my/our participation in YMCA activities and/or use of YMCA facilities, the Greater Joliet Area YMCA, and its respective officers, Trustees, Board of Directors, members, employees or agents.
    • I/We hereby do declare myself/ourselves to be physically sound, and that I/We have medical approval to participate in the physical activities of the YMCA.
    • I/We agree to abide by the Greater Joliet Area YMCA’s Member Code of Conduct.
  • Billing Agreement:

    1. Joiners Fee: The Joiners Fee is non-refundable and may be paid in full by cash, EFT or credit card (Visa, MC or Discover). Payment plans are available. Those who cancel with a Joiners Fee balance, will be drafted the remainder with their last membership payment.
    2. Membership Fees: Your monthly dues will be electronically withdrawn on the 15th or 28th of the month. At the time of registration, you will pay a prorated amount to begin the membership. You may change the type of membership you have at any time by requesting the change in writing ten days prior to your draft date. Changes will be effective on your next scheduled draft and additional membership and/or Joiners Fees may apply.
    3. Electronic Funds Information: Your membership fees will be electronically deducted from your Checking Account or Credit Card. It is your responsibility to keep the YMCA informed of any changes to your account information. The YMCA requires notification at least 10 days prior to your draft date or you may incur an administrative/return fee up to $25.
    4. Rate Changes: Membership rates are subject to change at any time with approval by the Greater Joliet Area YMCA Board of Directors. All rate changes will be communicated to members in writing.
  • Cancellation Policy:

    1. YOU MUST REQUEST CANCELLATION OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN WRITING. You may fax, e-mail, mail your written notice, or visit your branch. Your written cancellation request must be received by the YMCA ten days prior to your next billing cycle. If your request is received less than ten days prior to your scheduled billing date, your account will be drafted for that month. Memberships cancelled by the YMCA due to unpaid fees or failure to properly cancel will result in a $10 processing fee.
    2. If a payment is returned for any reason (NSF, declined credit card, etc.), a $25 return fee will be assessed. If payment has not been electronically collected after 30 days and a maximum of two attempts, payment may be made at the branch. If membership fees remain uncollected, the membership may be terminated. The primary member (and any additional people on the membership) will no longer be able to participate in programs or use the facility until the outstanding balance has been paid and the membership has been reinstated.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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